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undefinedAt The Worthington Law Centre, our criminal defense attorneys represent juveniles as well as adults accused of serious crimes. Our objectives in juvenile defense situations include avoiding adult certification on serious felony charges, finding the right treatment and rehabilitation programs for your child, and minimizing the period of detention that your son or daughter might face.

Contact The Worthington Law Centre in Salinas or San Francisco for a free consultation about your best options for resolving your child’s juvenile criminal matter. Our law firm’s exclusive concentration on criminal defense for more than 43 years can serve as a valuable resource for your child and your family.

We know this is a difficult time for your family. Call us at (831) 704-1852 to start exploring solutions.

Our Lawyers Represent Juvenile Defendants in a Wide Range of Situations

Examples of the kinds of cases we handle in juvenile or superior court include the following:

  • Violent felony charges, from aggravated assault to capital murder
  • Property crimes such as car theft, robbery, or burglary
  • Juvenile sex offenses such as date rape, sex with a minor, or possession of pornography
  • Drug offenses of all kinds
  • Crimes committed for the benefit of a gang
  • Allegations of gang affiliation
  • Underage alcohol and DUI offenses


When we undertake a juvenile case, we understand that your child’s future is at stake. Our familiarity with the law and the full spectrum of community counseling and treatment resources can expand your options for achieving a favorable resolution to your problem with the criminal justice system. To learn more about our approach to juvenile defense, contact an attorney at The Worthington Law Centre in Salinas or San Francisco for a free consultation.

E-mail us or call us toll-free at (831) 704-1852 to discuss your child’s criminal matter.

Notable Cases & Results

  • Dismissed Domestic Violence Allegation
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor; No Jail Time Imposed. Possession of Assault Weapon
  • Probation, Home Confinement and No Sex-Offender Man Accused of Using Craig's List to Contact Minor for Sex
  • Dismissed Rape Charges
  • Probation Molest Victim Charged with Attempted Murder of His Assailant
  • Convicted of Lesser Offense Voluntary Manslaughter
    Coach from Robert Louis Stevenson School Charged with Murder of His Daughter's Boyfriend Convicted of Lesser Offense of Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Misdemeanor Treatment with Probation and No Jail Local Retired Dentist Charged with Felony Child Endangerment Facing a Six Year Prison Term
  • Probation and Only One Strike 18-Year-Old Young Man Facing Six Years in State Prison and Two Strikes
  • Probation 28 Year Old Salinas Man Facing 13 Years in State Prison for Weapons Charges with Gang Enhancements
  • Not Guilty Verdicts Sleep Technician Accused of Touching Patients in a Sexual Manner
    Sleep Technician Accused of Touching Patients in a Sexual Manner Receives Not Guilty Verdicts on All Charges Except One Resulting in a Hung Jury

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