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Superior Courts (listed by County):

  • Monterey County: 831-775-5400
  • San Benito County: 831-637-3741
  • Santa Cruz County: 831-420-2200

District Attorney Offices (listed by County):

  • Monterey County/Salinas Office: 831-755-5070
  • Monterey County/Monterey Office: 831-647-7770
  • Monterey County/King City Office: 831-385-8325
  • San Benito County: 831-636-4120
  • Santa Cruz County: 831-636-4120

County Jails (listed by County):

  • Monterey County: 831-755-3781: The jail visitation schedule can be accessed at http://www.co.monterey.ca.us/. There is also a link to download and complete an Inmate Visitor Card.

Work Alternative Programs (listed by County):

Monterey County: (Monterey County Sheriff): 831-759-7230 or 831-759-7231

Santa Clara County: Weekend Work Program: 408-957-5871

Monterey County Probation:

Work Alternative Program (Monterey County Sheriff): 831-759-7230 or 831-759-7231

Monterey County Revenue and Recovery: 831-755-5042

Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Administrative Per Se—San Jose 408-229-7100; fax 408-229-7178
  • Mandatory Actions—Sacramento: 916-657-6525

Interestate Interlock: 831-647-8022

Monterey County Behavioral Health 1-888-258-6029 or 831-755-5505

Sun Street Services—Monterey County DUI Program: 831-753-5735

Monterey County DUI Program—Sun Street Services: 831-753-5735

Recovery Centers:

  • Genesis House: 831-899-2436; genesis@chservices.org
  • Beacon House: 1-866-333-5146 or 831-372-2334; info@beaconhouse.org
  • Community Hospital Recovery Center: 1-800-528-8080; 831-625-4600 or 831-373-0924
  • CAMP Recovery Center: 1-877-557-9432


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Notable Cases & Results

The Worthington Law Centre Team
  • Dismissed Domestic Violence Allegation
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor; No Jail Time Imposed. Possession of Assault Weapon
  • Probation, Home Confinement and No Sex-Offender Man Accused of Using Craig's List to Contact Minor for Sex
  • Dismissed Rape Charges
  • Probation Molest Victim Charged with Attempted Murder of His Assailant
  • Convicted of Lesser Offense Voluntary Manslaughter
    Coach from Robert Louis Stevenson School Charged with Murder of His Daughter's Boyfriend Convicted of Lesser Offense of Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Misdemeanor Treatment with Probation and No Jail Local Retired Dentist Charged with Felony Child Endangerment Facing a Six Year Prison Term
  • Probation and Only One Strike 18-Year-Old Young Man Facing Six Years in State Prison and Two Strikes
  • Probation 28 Year Old Salinas Man Facing 13 Years in State Prison for Weapons Charges with Gang Enhancements
  • Not Guilty Verdicts Sleep Technician Accused of Touching Patients in a Sexual Manner
    Sleep Technician Accused of Touching Patients in a Sexual Manner Receives Not Guilty Verdicts on All Charges Except One Resulting in a Hung Jury

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