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Drugs - types of drug crimes

Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession or serious federal charges connected with a drug trafficking conspiracy, the defense attorneys at The Worthington Law Centre are available to help.

Contact our office in Salinas or San Francisco for a free consultation about your risks, your rights, and your most promising options.

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Reducing & Dismissing California Drug Charges

U.S. News Best Law FirmsAt The Worthington Law Centre, our first objective is to make the drug charges against you go away. Your defense attorney will make a careful analysis of the facts, the circumstances of your arrest, and your eligibility for diversion of the case under Proposition 36. If we can keep your case out of the criminal justice system, we’ll do that.

If we can base a suppression motion on facts indicating a lack of probable cause to search your car or problems with the search warrant, we stand a good chance of getting the charges dismissed because the government will not be able to introduce the evidence of a severe drug crime against you.

Sometimes we can negotiate favorable plea arrangements in drug cases; in other cases, we can present your defense to a jury at trial. In all cases, the ultimate goal is to protect you from punishment on the offenses charged under California or federal law.

We Handle All Types of Drug Crimes

Examples of the kinds of drug cases our attorneys can handle include the following:

  • Marijuana or cocaine possession charges developed through the seizure of drugs during a traffic stop
  • Cases involving the cultivation of marijuana or manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Possession for sale of marijuana, cocaine or heroin
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet or Valium
  • Medical marijuana cases, especially federal cases against California retailers or cultivators
  • Drug crimes involving enhanced penalties, such as operating a meth lab near a school or trafficking in drugs while in possession of a gun
  • Money laundering charges related to the alleged proceeds of drug sales
  • State or federal asset forfeiture cases
  • Juvenile drug cases
  • Conspiracy charges in high-volume federal drug cases

To learn more about our experience with the effective defense of people charged with serious state or federal drug crimes, contact an experienced defense lawyer at The Worthington Law Centre in Salinas or San Francisco. We provide services throughout Monterey County.

You can call us at (831) 704-1852 or e-mail us.

Notable Cases & Results

  • Dismissed Domestic Violence Allegation
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor; No Jail Time Imposed. Possession of Assault Weapon
  • Probation, Home Confinement and No Sex-Offender Man Accused of Using Craig's List to Contact Minor for Sex
  • Dismissed Rape Charges
  • Probation Molest Victim Charged with Attempted Murder of His Assailant
  • Convicted of Lesser Offense Voluntary Manslaughter
    Coach from Robert Louis Stevenson School Charged with Murder of His Daughter's Boyfriend Convicted of Lesser Offense of Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Misdemeanor Treatment with Probation and No Jail Local Retired Dentist Charged with Felony Child Endangerment Facing a Six Year Prison Term
  • Probation and Only One Strike 18-Year-Old Young Man Facing Six Years in State Prison and Two Strikes
  • Probation 28 Year Old Salinas Man Facing 13 Years in State Prison for Weapons Charges with Gang Enhancements
  • Not Guilty Verdicts Sleep Technician Accused of Touching Patients in a Sexual Manner
    Sleep Technician Accused of Touching Patients in a Sexual Manner Receives Not Guilty Verdicts on All Charges Except One Resulting in a Hung Jury

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