Thomas S. Worthington's Notable Cases

Felony Charges of Assault with Great Bodily Injury Against a Young Man with Autism

Reduced to a Misdemeanor—No Jail Time -

District Attorney Investigator Charged with Perjury

Not Guilty -

Flower Wholesaler Accused of Multiple Counts of Grand Theft and Conspiracy

Not Guilty -

King City Police Chief Charged with Felony Embezzlement and Perjury

Charges Reduced to Misdemeanors -

Man Accused of Rape and Domestic Violence by Co-Worker ‘Girlfriend’

Seven Felonies Reduced to One Misdemeanor -

Felony Assault and Domestic Violence

Charges Dismissed—Twice -

Local Business Man Accused of Sexual Battery

Dismissal -

Carmel “Un”-Bomber

Prunedale Man Charged with Battery

Not Guilty Verdict -

Woman Charged with First Degree Murder After Her Husband Died in Her Arms After Being Stabbed in the Neck

Charges Dismissed -

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